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It's Time for a Healthy Smile

Posted on 7/28/2015 by Na Xu
A woman flossing her teeth.At our dental office, we want our patients to know that a healthy smile is much more important than a "perfect" smile. This might mean that your teeth have a gap, or are not as white as you would like, but if they are healthy, then you are doing a good job. So how do you get that healthy smile? Here are a few simple tips.

Take Care of Your Teeth at Home

What you do in between your appointments with us is crucial to the health of your teeth. If you are not following our advice or caring for your teeth as you should be at home, your oral health can go downhill. Gum disease and tooth decay are both very preventable oral health issues, but again, it starts at home.

You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). You also need to floss at least once per day in order to get the bacteria out from in between your teeth. These simple steps can provide you with that healthy smile that you desire when you are away from our office.

Learn How to Floss

One problem that many patients have is the lack of knowledge on how to properly floss. Just sticking a piece of floss in between your teeth is not enough. You need to work the floss up the side of each tooth in the gap in order to remove all bacteria that has accumulated in between your teeth.

This process needs to be performed throughout your entire mouth, including between the teeth way in the back. If you cannot get the floss through because you have teeth that are close together or you have orthodontic appliances in your mouth, use dental threaders to get the floss through and the bacteria out.

Seek Orthodontic Treatment

If you do not have a perfectly aligned bite, seeking orthodontic treatment could be beneficial. You need your bite to line up in order to prevent a myriad of oral health issues that range from TMJ to gum disease because of the difficulty you have getting to your misaligned teeth. Again, this is not about having perfect teeth; it is about having a healthy smile that will allow you to retain your natural teeth for many years to come.

Listen to our Advice
The last step is the most important: listen to the advice we give you in the office. If we suggested that you change your lifestyle habits, do what you can to change them. If you are having trouble, come back and talk to us so that we can help you reach your goals. We offer our advice in order to provide you with the best oral health possible.

A healthy smile does not necessarily mean a perfect smile. What is beautiful to you, might not be beautiful for the next person, but what we want to emphasize is the need to have your smile healthy. A few imperfections here or there do not deter the health of your teeth. It is your oral hygiene habits, diet, and ability to heed our advice that plays the most important role in providing you with a healthy smile.

The next time you find yourself purchasing over-the-counter tooth whitening products or wishing that the gap between your front teeth was gone, think about the last time you cared about your oral hygiene habits - your oral health is much more important than the appearance of your teeth. A white or straight smile will not save your teeth, but a clean, bacteria free mouth will!

Please contact us if you have any questions about your oral health.

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