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Your Tongue and Oral Health: What's the Connection?

Did you know that your tongue plays an important role in your oral health? The color and texture of your tongue can tell us a lot about your oral health before we inspect any further. If your tongue is not a bright pink with a rather smooth texture, it could be an indication that something is amiss in your mouth. It could be something as simple as bad breath caused by bacteria or something more serious, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Include your Tongue in Oral Hygiene

When you brush your teeth twice a day, it is important to pay attention to your tongue. If you do not brush this large muscle in your mouth, you could be allowing thousands of germs to reside in your mouth, decreasing the benefits that brushing your teeth just created. All that it takes is a few extra seconds to brush your tongue in order to eliminate more germs from your mouth.

Stay Hydrated

If you have a dry mouth, your tongue is the driest area in there. This means that your tongue will harbor thousands of germs at a time in your mouth. Eventually this can cause bad breath, tooth decay, infection, and gum disease. It is easy to keep your mouth hydrated when you consume water throughout the entire day, especially with meals.

Inspect your Tongue

Every so often, it is a good idea to inspect your tongue. If you notice that it is discolored or has a strange texture, it could be an indication of something going wrong in your mouth. If proper hygiene and staying hydrated does not help, it is a good idea to come in for an appointment to allow us to inspect your mouth to see if anything serious is wrong.

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