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Fruits and Veggies, the Best Snack for your Teeth

woman eating salad When it is snack time, what do you generally grab to satisfy your need for a crunch? If you answered pretzels, chips, crackers or any other refined carbohydrate, you could be doing your teeth a disservice. While you might not consider these carbs necessarily bad for your mouth, they are almost as bad as consuming a cookie or piece of cake. While you might not see the sugar content on the ingredient list, refined carbohydrates naturally turn to sugar in your mouth. This means that the crunchy foods you just ate and are stuck between your teeth are putting you at high risk for enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Choose Healthy Fruits and Veggies

There are easy ways to obtain the crunchy feeling you are looking for at snack time without doing your teeth any harm. Instead of pretzels and crackers, try reaching for apples or pears. If you need that feeling you get when you reach for several chips or crackers, slice your apple or pear into thin slices and top them with a piece of hard cheese. You will give your teeth the benefit of having a healthy fruit in combination with beneficial dairy all while eating a satisfying snack. If you prefer veggies over fruit, try munching on carrots, celery with guacamole or salsa. The dipping sensation will give you the feeling of eating your favorite chips and dips without the harm that those foods cause to your teeth.

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