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Broken Tooth

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When a tooth breaks, it can create a myriad of emotions. There can be worry about what that means, panic over if the tooth can be fixed, fear about the type of pain that could be coming, and stress over getting into the dentist’s office to get it fixed. However, there are things that can be done to help when you are facing a broken tooth to lessen these emotions. Here is what you should do if you have a tooth that breaks.

When Your Tooth Breaks, Take These Steps

There are many things that could cause you to get a broken tooth. You may bite or chew on something hard. You may fall or experience some type of an injury that breaks a tooth. You may even have a cavity inside that tooth that could cause it to break. While most little breaks are going to be painless, bigger breaks can be painful, so you could give Healthy Smiles Family Dental a call right away. Until you are able to get into the dentist, here are some things that you can do to help.

  • Take some warm water and rinse out your mouth, keeping all of the broken pieces of your tooth for the dentist to look at.
  • If there is any bleeding, use gauze on the spot that is bleeding, and hold it there for about ten minutes. At this point, your bleeding should be done.
  • To make sure the swelling stays down and to keep the pain minimized, ice packs on the outside of the cheek or the lips can help. Use it for about 15 minutes, then leave it off for about the same amount of time.
  • If your appointment is not within the next couple of hours, go to your local drugstore and buy some temporary cement specifically made for your teeth. This can help with the discomfort, and protect your tooth.

Options for Fixing a Broken Tooth

There are many different options when it comes to fixing a broken tooth. Once Dr. Xu looks at your tooth, you both can then decide which option is going to be best for your tooth. Some teeth with large breaks may need a root canal or an extraction, but for smaller breaks, here are a few options:

  • Dental veneers can cover up the front of a broken tooth and give your entire tooth a bit of extra stability. This gives you back your smile, and helps to protect your tooth from further damage.
  • Composite bonding gives your tooth back its natural shape with a resin placed where the tooth broke off, allowing you to maintain the shape you once had, and giving you back your ability to smile.
  • Crowns are great for teeth that break a little bit more, and are not quite as strong as they once were. These caps allow your tooth to remain intact, while still being protected from additional damage.

To get your broken tooth examined, give Healthy Smiles Family Dental a call today, and schedule an appointment.


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