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Modern options for fixing missing teeth


The importance of restoring missing teeth

Losing some or all of the teeth in your mouth can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Missing teeth can…

  • Make it difficult to speak
  • Keep you from eating your favorite foods 
  • Affect your appearance and self-confidence
  • Cause increased risk of gum disease

Fortunately, at Healthy Smiles Family Dental in Salem, we offer a variety of restorative options, including both full and partial dentures. Keep reading to learn more about how we help our patients restore their smiles or schedule your appointment today.

Denture Options

Full Dentures 

Full dentures are used when no healthy teeth remain in either your upper or lower jaw. In some cases, it may be best to remove a damaged or decayed tooth to make room for a full denture. 

Partial Dentures 

Partial dentures are used when one or more healthy natural teeth remain in either your upper or lower jaw. This allows you to save healthy natural teeth as long as possible.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

While traditional dentures are a good choice for some, you may prefer implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are held securely in place with dental implants and can replace any number of teeth.

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Adjusting to life with dentures

Most people will notice a little discomfort when they first start wearing their dentures. This is normal — your new dentures might need a slight adjustment by your dentist. In many cases, however, you’ll adjust quickly and wonder how you ever got by without them in the past! At Healthy Smiles Family Dental, our Salem dentures dentist will help you understand how to care for your dentures. This may include:

  • Thorough cleanings with denture cleaner
  • Avoiding coffee or other dark foods/drinks to prevent staining
  • Regular trips to the dentist to check for signs of gum disease or other issues
  • Eventual replacement of dentures if your bite changes over time

But don’t worry! Once you get your denture routine “dialed-in,” you’ll be smiling confidently and living life to the fullest again.

Dentistry is teamwork

When you visit Healthy Smiles Family Dental, you’ll see how our friendly and experienced team works together — and closely with you — to achieve smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Even if it’s been years since your last visit to the dentist, we’re here to help, not judge. Our Salem practice is known for a commitment to:

  • High-tech denture options
  • Quality and affordable treatments
  • Full-service dentistry for patients of all ages

You’ll feel confident about the care you’re receiving and about what the future holds for your smile.

My family has been going to Healthy Smiles for 6 years and all of their staff has been so wonderful and very professional.


and Financing Options

If you need a set of dentures, we can work with most insurance plans. If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer a variety of flexible payment options, including CareCredit.

Thank you for your service! We are proud to offer all veterans a 10% discount on all dental care and any products purchased at our office.

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For only $50 per person per year, your entire family can join our in-house membership plan which includes:

  • FREE dental exam
  • 20% discount on treatments, including full and partial dentures
  • 15% discount on all Oral-B & Sonicare products

Whether you have dental insurance or not, we’ll help you get the care you need at a price you can afford.


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Will dental insurance pay to fix my cavities?

Most forms of dental insurance do include some coverage for restorative procedures like fillings. If you come to Healthy Smiles Family Dental in Salem, be aware that we accept most insurances and offer a variety of flexible payment options, including CareCredit. There’s even an in-office savings plan to help you reduce the cost of your care if you don’t have insurance.

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